Safe Space Therapeutic Services, LLC

You are unique, and you're more than just a diagnosis. At Safe Space Therapeutic Services, we explore all aspects of our clients' lives from emotional to medical to social to spiritual to family to day-to-day issues. We offer a safe space for you to explore what's going on in your life, and no issue is too small or too complicated to discuss. Whether you are dealing with life changes or grief and loss or anything in between, you're welcome to come and work through what's bothering you.

Our office serves the Metro Detroit area, and is located on Woodward Avenue near 696 in Huntington Woods. We are a short commute from Royal Oak, Birmingham, Southfield, Ferndale, and Detroit.

Safe Space Therapeutic Services offers daytime and evening appointments. We do not charge for your initial appointment, and we offer sliding-scale fees for those who require it. Call today to set up an appointment and begin your journey toward a better life.

26789 Woodward Avenue. Suite 108. Huntington Woods, MI 48070.

(248) 491-8152

Why Pay for Therapy?

You have insurance, so why not use it for therapy? This is a good question, and here are some things to consider:

Privacy. If your health insurance is provided by your employer, they are able to see how it is used. If you don't want your employer to know that you are seeking mental health care, paying for therapy will help maintain your privacy. Also, if you use health insurance, your insurance company can demand to see your personal file.

Control. When you use health insurance for therapy, the insurance company dictates how your therapy is conducted. Insurance companies demand a diagnosis and can control how many therapy sessions you can have before they stop paying. When you pay for therapy, it can happen at a more natural pace and you don't have to worry about being cut off before you're done.

Investment. Therapy is an investment in your well-being. When you pay for therapy instead of using insurance, you may be more motivated to do what is needed to make changes in your life.

About Me

My name is Ruth Hiner, and I have my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Michigan School of Professional Psychology.

I take an eclectic approach to treatment and I tailor my methods to what works best for you and you alone. I've had experience in various settings, such as substance abuse treatment, Christian counseling, LGBT community centers, and traditional out-patient clinics. Before becoming a psychologist, I volunteered at Common Ground Sanctuary on their crisis line. I work with children, teenagers, and adults. I'm an ally within the LGBT community.

I'm a pet owner, and I understand their importance in our lives. I also understand the emotional roller coaster of having a chronically-ill pet and the devastation of losing them.

I'm open to whatever experiences my clients bring to me and I work with them as we look at all aspects of their lives. I consider nothing to be too insignificant to discuss.


Email is used soley for the purpose of setting up appointments in order to ensure privacy. Otherwise, call (248) 491-8152 to contact me.